IMC Champions Cup 2014 Results

And the full results from the 2014 Champions Cup sponsored by Action Outdoors – this year we had a very good turnout with 23 people taking part across the three categories.


1 Josh Turner 662
2 Aisha Gilbert 551
3 Christina Ennis 467
4 Baz Fagg 412
5 Emma Rowlinson 217

Competition was tight in the beginners category with Josh & Baz vying for the lead most of the night, with the completion of the bonus route 19 it looked like Aisha had clinched the top spot, but with Josh completing it he topped the group at the end.


1 Robert Ellam 927
2 Matthew Turner 666
3 Sylwia Rowniak 656
4 Andy Smith 583
5 Lloyd Boyle 416
6 Richard Williams 301
7 Mark Gilbert 234
8= Simon Watts 217
8= Pippa Clover 217
10 Gerry Gilbert 151

We had a large field competing within the intermediate group this year, with Rob and Sylwia swapping positions frequently during the night. Interestingly Josh would have been third had he entered the Intermediates (which as he’s won beginners he will be next year).

Congratulations to Rob for his victory in Intermediates, which comes two years after his victory in the Beginners category, good look in experts next year!


1 Alistair O’Connell 3817
2 Tom Odell 1651
3 Martin Hore 1621
4 Jason Porter 1589
5 Steve Culverhouse 1422
6 Mike Turner 1394
7 Jeremy Hall 1005
8= John Buchan 823

In the early stages of the competition things looked tight in the experts category with Alistair, Tom & Jason trading places, however as the night developed a clear leader emerged. Being the only person who completed routes 1 & 12 Ali secured victory with those two climbs alone.

So congratulations to Alistair O’Connell our 2014 IMC Champion.

Thanks to everyone for a great night, the initial count shows we’ve raised £85. Funds from the last three IMC

And finally thanks to those who assisted with last night:

Marc for assisting with the night, including route setting, scoring, belaying, fixing loose holds and retrieving your quickdraws when needed.

Guy, Steve, Rob, Martin & Shaun for their assistance in setting the routes.

Rob & Hannah for their excellent cakes for the raffle (my office enjoyed demolishing Rob’s cake earlier today) and to everyone else who supplied raffle prizes.

And finally to Action Outdoors for kindly agreeing to sponsor the event again this year.

If anyone wishes to have another go at any of the competition routes the route sheets are behind the normal ones on the wall.

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