“Trust your feet”

An aspiring leader gains confidence

Sally Southall

Way back you may remember an article from Madame Pres in which she described the satisfaction gained from teaching two beginners to “trust their feet”; well I was that soldier . . .or at least one of them.

It seems appropriate, especially now that she has stepped down, to thank Caroline for all her support, sarcasm and endless patience at the other end of the rope while I did, indeed, learn to “trust my feet”.

I’ll try not to forget all the many other handy hints on climbing safely that are stored in my head ready to be dragged out in moments of sheer terror, exhilaration or just damned good fun

Now that I’m beginning to get the hang of this leading malarkey, I might even try to “push my grade” soon . . . well, maybe.

Thanks also go to all those other brave souls who have assisted me (and hopefully will again), and to Mike Hams for the many embarrassing photographs – yes, I know you’re laughing at me not with me!

Kissing the Master’s feet
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