Lundy 2009

The return to Lundy, was it still as good?

The three year wait was finally over – we were once more off to Ilfracombe, eager
with anticipation for the IMC 2009 Lundy trip. At the risk of being branded a
lazy so-and-so, I refer the reader to my article written after the 2006 trip
The Magic of Lundy.

The BIG question – would this tiny island be able to weave its spell a second

The climbing was brilliant with only a few repeats and plenty of new
cliffs/routes visited. Great Lundy adventures were had with some tough pitches
culminating in a prusik escape from a wet Hot Rod in the intermittent light
rain! Other memorable routes include Alouette (* S 4a) Shamrock (*** VS4c,4a,4c)
for the right reasons and Solitaire View (* VS 5a ma!) for the wrong reasons.

We also explored the island a bit more, including a walk up to the North Light
and right back down the east side of the island, taking time to sit and watch
the seals watching us.

The answer to the BIG question – an emphatic “Yes”. It took a little while to hit
me this visit, but I put that down to the pace of life immediately prior to the
visit rather than to the island having lost any of its Magic. Once the Magic got
me again it was just as compelling as I remembered, and by the time it came to
leave it was with the same mixture of emotions and a hankering to return before
the usual triennial anniversary.

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