Routes set by members of Ipswich Mountaineering Club
Accuracy of grades is not guaranteed
Caution: There is potential for a ground fall below the second bolt when leading this line. Remove any obstacles under the overhang, take extra care belaying and clipping and be prepared to use off­ route holds to clip bolts 1 & 2
Colour Grade Notes Setter Date Set
Purple 5 Martin 1/19
Beige 6a Jason 1/19
Black 6b+? Shaun 3/19
"Purple is the new black" Hard Purple for hands, black for feet. Above white line, stay between bolt lines 2 and 3. No features. Competition Route 3/19
“Are you serious?” Very Hard Beige for Hands, Purple for Feet Features and Black volume are in. Competition Route 3/19
Features, volumes, aretes, side walls and the top rail are all 'in' unless stated.