Constitution of the Ipswich Mountaineering Club

Revised version adopted at the AGM 18 November 2014


  1. The club shall be called the Ipswich Mountaineering Club, also referred to as the “IMC” or “the Club”

Affiliation to the British Mountaineering Council, (“the BMC”)

  1. The IMC is affiliated to the BMC and members of the IMC (“Members”) acknowledge and agree that they are also Club Members of the BMC and that the Club shall pay the appropriate subscription on behalf of each Member included in the return filed by the Club with the BMC. The Members further acknowledge and agree that by being affiliated to the BMC and each becoming a Club Member of the BMC that they will each be bound by the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the BMC.

Objectives of the Club

  1. To promote mountaineering, climbing and allied sports.
  2. To provide an opportunity for Members of the Club to meet and participate in climbing, mountaineering, and allied sports together.
  3. To act on behalf of and in the interests of Members.
  4. To encourage awareness amongst Members of the need to maintain access, conservation and protection of the cliff and mountain environment.


  1. Subject to clauses 8 and 9 below membership is open to anyone.
  2. Persons below the age of eighteen years shall be required to prove parental consent to their membership.
  3. Membership of the Club shall only be open to individuals who recognise that mountaineering, climbing and allied sports are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Members shall be aware of and accept these risks and agree to be responsible for their own actions and involvement.
  4. Club membership begins when the secretary or his nominated representative (club officers or Committee members) receives the application or renewal form, and membership fee.
  5. A Prospective Member is an individual who has registered with the Club as being interested in becoming a Member and who has agreed to the BMC Participation Statement. Prospective membership applies for a limited period and for certain club activities only, as agreed by the Committee. Prospective membership includes BMC club membership. Prospective membership does not confer the right to vote at General Meetings.

Child Protection

  1. The IMC has adopted the BMC’s Child Protection Policy.

Expulsion of Members

  1. The Club has adopted the Expulsion of Members procedures set out in the BMC Outline Club Constitution and Rules

General Meetings

  1. All general meetings of the club shall be held in Ipswich.
  2. The quorum at general meetings shall be ten percent of the membership or five paid-up Members, whichever is the greater.
  3. The chair of a general meeting shall be the President, or in the President’s absence, the Secretary. In the absence of both President and Secretary, the Members present shall elect a chair for the meeting.
  4. The Secretary shall give at least four weeks’ notice of a general meeting to all Members.
  5. Motions for consideration at a general meeting shall be supported by a proposer and seconder and must reach the Secretary at least three weeks before the meeting.
  6. Issues that members wish to raise at a general meeting that have not been notified as formal motions in accordance with Clause 18 may be discussed at the discretion of the chair.
  7. Motions for consideration at the meeting shall be notified to Members at least two weeks before the general meeting.
  8. Motions shall be decided at general meetings by a simple majority. In the event of a tie the chair shall have a casting vote.
  9. The club shall hold an annual general meeting in each calendar year at which the Secretary shall present a report, the Treasurer shall present the Club accounts, and there shall be elections for the Committee.
  10. A general meeting may be called by a majority of the Committee at any time. An extraordinary general meeting must be held if a notice, specifying the motion to be considered, and signed by at least two thirds of the paid up membership of the club, is submitted to the Secretary, who shall call the meeting for a date within six weeks of receipt of the request.


  1. At the annual general meeting the Members of the Club shall elect a Committee which shall consist at least of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. The Committee may co-opt additional members. Such appointments shall last only until the next annual general meeting.
  3. Meetings of the Committee may be convened by the President or by two-thirds of the Committee membership on request to the President, in which case the President shall convene the Committee for a date within four weeks of the request being received.
  4. Committee meetings must be held in Ipswich. The President shall give at least two weeks’ notice of Committee meetings to all members of the committee.
  5. The quorum at Committee meetings shall be three or one third of the Committee membership, whichever is the greater.
  6. Meetings of the committee shall be chaired by the President, or in the President’s absence, the Secretary. In the absence of both President and Secretary, the Committee members present shall elect a chair for the meeting.
  7. Resolutions shall be decided at Committee meetings by a simple majority. In the event of a tie the chair shall have a casting vote.
  8. The Committee may make any decisions with respect to the governance of the club that do not contradict motions passed at a general meeting, except that amendments to the constitution may only be made at a general meeting. Decisions of the Committee must be notified to Members within two weeks of the date of the decision.
  9. In place of a Committee meeting, the President may make decisions on behalf of the Committee provided the written agreement of a majority of the Committee membership to the decision is obtained. Such decisions are deemed to be decisions of the Committee, and must be notified to Members within two weeks of the date of the decision.
  10. The Committee shall serve until the date of the next annual general meeting. In the event of the resignation of the President, Secretary or Treasurer prior to the next annual general meeting, the vacant post or posts shall be filled by the Committee from among its members. For any period that the Secretary’s or Treasurer’s post is vacant, their duties shall be discharged by the President. For any period that the President’s post is vacant, the President’s duties shall be discharged by the Secretary.


  1. The Treasurer shall keep an account in the name of the Club. There shall be three signatories for the account being the President, Treasurer and Secretary. To make withdrawals from the account the signatures of the Treasurer and one of the other signatories shall be jointly required.
  2. The funds of the Club shall be used only to further the aims of the Club.
  3. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, the assets of the Club shall be disposed of to an appropriate charitable cause in accordance with the aims of the club.
  4. The annual subscription fee for Club Members shall be fixed from year to year as considered necessary by the Committee and ratified by the annual general meeting.
  5. The general meeting or Committee may require the accounts of the Club to be independently audited at any time and the auditors shall report their findings to the Committee or general meeting.


  1. All notices required by this constitution shall be given in writing, and for the purposes of this constitution the terms “in writing” and “written” shall include email.